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Boost Your LSAT Score by 15+ Points with Personalized Tutoring


Slots are limited! Receive a response same day

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178 - Emily B. (+25 Points) 172- Victoria N. (+13 points) 172- Jessica (+13 points) 167 -

what sets impetus lsat apart from other tutors?

LSAT Tutoring
LSAT Private Tutoring
Comparing Impetus LSAT to other LSAT Tutors

Results-Driven LSAT Prep Trusted by Hundreds of Students

Impetus LSAT has helped many students improve 15+ points, with many scoring in the 170s.

LSAT Private Tutoring Testimonial on Reddit
Private LSAT Tutor

Keonhee Cho, Founder and Instructor

Learn from an LSAT Tutor with 6+ Years of Experience

After tutoring for over 6 years and helping students from various backgrounds improve 15 points or more, I have combined the strategies that provide the most consistent results.

Enhanced Private tutoring: Experience accelerated progress with interactive online whiteboard feedback

Progress Faster

Waiting until the next session to ask questions only delays progress. Through our interactive online whiteboard, you can post questions and receive feedback within 48 hours, review notes from previous sessions, and more.

Impetus LSAT Tutoring study plan

Have Structure & Accountability

Since the LSAT is unlike any other test, most people struggle with figuring out how to plan their studies. I provide detailed homework assignments based on your needs and explain exactly what you should be doing on a daily basis. 

How it Works

Impetus LSAT is superior because it focuses on individualized skill-building catered to your needs instead of trying to teach everything at once

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LSAT Tutoring Testimonials

Are you ready to be the next LSAT success story?


Results from SurveyMonkey

Results from Google

178 - Emily B. (+25 Points)

172- Victoria N. (+13 points)

167 - Steffanny A. (+15 points)

173 - Aaron H. (+10 points)


As seen on Reddit. Emily got a 178!

Reyna Scored a 172!


"What I liked the most about Impetus LSAT is how Cho really took the time to ensure I understood each concept before moving on the to the next lesson. He really went out of his way to help me understand each lesson and was always available to answer any questions I had. His method of teaching is very professional and organized. As a result of tutoring with Impetus LSAT, I was able to improve my LSAT score and overall confidence on the exam. I would recommend Impetus LSAT to anyone I know who is studying for the LSAT as Cho is an amazing tutor." 

- Shania


163    173

"Cho spent time outside of our meetings to review my practice tests and identify my weaknesses for special attention"

Aaron H.

10 point improvement


150    170


"Cho really helped me with logic games. I went from finishing 1-2 games to finishing the entire section in time"

Arielle A.

20 Point Improvement

We Provide Personalized LSAT Tutoring to help you achieve your ideal LSAT score

Our LSAT tutoring services are done online through Zoom, so you can learn top-notch LSAT strategies anytime, anywhere

5 star reviews on Google and Survey Monkey


Work with an expert instructor who has helped students improve 15 points or more


Multiple students have scored in the 170s


Targeted practice with official LSAT questions and study plans


Free study materials and homework assistance between sessions


Detailed Practice Test Analysis and Customized Strategies

Flexible payment options

Private LSAT Tutoring Services

**Pay as low as $76 per month through Affirm**

In order to provide the best quality of service possible, we limit the number of students we accept. Currently only 1 slot available.

Best Value

32 Hour Tutoring Package

$200 per hour

Starting at $76 per month with Affirm

-Ideal for more comprehensive, long term assistance
-Free homework assistance
-Free test analysis
-24/7 access to online whiteboard
-Specialized drills with explanations

Most Popular

16 Hour Tutoring Package

$240 per hour

Starting at $76 per month with Affirm

-Ideal for in depth assistance on a single section
-Free homework assistance
-Free test analysis
-24/7 access to online whiteboard
-Specialized drills with explanations



24 Hour Tutoring Package

$220 per hour

Starting at $76 per month with Affirm

-Ideal for individuals who need extra help or want to mix sections
-Free homework assistance
-Free test analysis
-24/7 access to online whiteboard
-Specialized drills with explanations


Intensive Tutoring Package

For individuals seeking rapid improvement or need more hands-on training. Only for students meeting 4 hours per week.

$3,200 per month
Starting at $76 per month with Affirm

-Great for hands-on training and accountability
-Free homework assistance
-Free test analysis
-24/7 access to online whiteboard
-Specialized drills with explanations


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Fill out the Sign Up form 

Step 2:
Open the link in the email sent to you and fill out the questionnaire

Step 3:
We will reach out to you to set up next steps if we find you are a good fit!

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**Please note this is for serious inquiries only and availability is not guaranteed. If consistent communication is not maintained, we reserve the right to open up slots to others. 

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