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Why You Should Change Your Perspective on Mistakes

Do you want to stay motivated in spite of mistakes?

Most people take a practice test, get a question wrong, and sulk. But making mistakes on a practice test is a GOOD thing.

Hear me out...

Isn't it better that you encountered a question you got wrong on a PRACTICE test and NOT the real thing? Doesn't this mean it's an OPPORTUNITY to help you prepare for a type of question you were previously unaware of or unprepared for?

A question you missed isn't a failure. It's an OPPORTUNITY. As strange as this may sound, you should SEEK mistakes! This is the ONLY way to find out what you need to drill and practice more. Find the questions you would have gotten wrong on the actual test.

Make mistakes NOW and make a lot of them! Learn from them so that you don't make the same mistakes on the real LSAT. The more questions you missed, the more ways you have experienced for the LSAT to potentially trick you. This means there are less ways the LSAT can trick you on test day as long as you prepare!

Part of the reason why mistakes are so dreadful for most people is because they EXPECT perfection or drastic improvement overnight. But your LSAT score will fluctuate. That's just part of the game, so EXPECT and EMBRACE mistakes. Focus on LEARNING instead of scoring perfectly. Understand that progress can (and most likely will) take time. Having a 'learning' mindset instead of a 'perfectionist' mindset will allow you to view questions missed as opportunities for growth instead of signs of failure. You will be surprised by how much of an impact that makes on your overall performance.

Stay motivated!



Founder of Impetus LSAT

If you are interested in learning more about how to study, check out more free LSAT tips.

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