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How To Maximize Your LSAT Prep

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

If you read my other posts or have been following me for a while, you would know that LSAT Practice Tests are not a tool for learning and gaining quick results. As the name implies, they are a tool to TEST yourself.

So, just taking LSAT practice tests are not enough, and you should NOT be taking practice test after practice test without review. You are only testing yourself at that point. You need to be LEARNING new things along the way. Practice tests are a great way to determine what you need to learn, and that is why I analyze practice tests for my students in my LSAT tutoring to help them prioritize.

After taking an LSAT practice test, review it. Then, you should pick out just 1-2 concepts/question types that gave you trouble. Spend the rest of the week laser focused on just improving those specific skills. Once you feel like you have mastered those skills, take another PT to make sure. In this PT, your goal is not necessarily to see a higher LSAT score--that will come gradually as long as you continue mastering specific skills. Your goal in this PT is to determine whether you improved on the concepts you focused on throughout the week. If not, you need to continue drilling those concepts.

Here is an example. Suppose you take an LSAT practice test and after review, you find that your Logical Reasoning score is low and you decide that's what you want to focus on. Dig deeper. Are you missing any specific LSAT question types? Are you struggling with questions that have conditionality?

Based on these findings, pick out just one or two LSAT question types you want to focus on. Review the strategies to make sure you have a methodical approach. After that, drill 10-20 questions each day, with thorough review. (Check out my post about how to review LSAT Logical Reasoning/Reading Comprehension and to go here to learn about how to review LSAT Logic Games.) This should be done through the course of about a week, and once you feel comfortable with that question type you can take another LSAT practice test.

This will help you improve your LSAT score at a more consistent pace. Don't focus too much on each individual practice test score. Instead, check to see how your accuracy was for the specific concept(s) you focused on. Focus on specific wins each week and you will be amazed by what you have been able to accomplish.

Stay Motivated!


Impetus LSAT

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