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My name is Cho and I am the founder and tutor for Impetus LSAT. I was frustrated with how tutors either would just read to me from a book I could have bought for 20 bucks or would just explain to me why an answer was right or wrong. I wanted a METHOD. I wanted a step-by-step approach to every question, and I didn't want to just know why an answer choice was right or wrong. I wanted to understand how I could avoid making those mistakes in the future. That is why I created my company. To provide a service I wish I had when I was studying for the LSAT.

The results have been spectacular. I have helped many students improve 15+ points as shown by my testimonials, with multiple students scoring in the 170s. Some of my latest students scored a 178, a 172, and a 171. 

There were so many struggles and mistakes I made along the way, and I want to help you avoid these mistakes so that you can boost your score as efficiently as possible. There are some people who have studied for years without progress, while others seem to progress very quickly. In this book, I break down the characteristics that separate those who improve from those who don't, and how you can make the most of every minute studying. 

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