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Sorry, the Logic Games Course is now full. 

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Why is Impetus LSAT so Effective?

Top Notch Instruction

Work with an instructor who not only scored perfect in Logic Games, but has also helped many students improve 15+ points

A Process Focused Approach

Not only does the Impetus LSAT method explain the answers, it provides step by step methods for every single game

Schedule and Planning

Have specific assignments and goals for each week leading up to the test, so that you are never lost in your preparation

2-hour sessions of live online instruction once per week, with 18+ Hours of session time

Receive recordings of each session so that even if you miss a session, you will be able to learn at your earliest convenience.


Unique, in-depth strategies that have propelled students scores 15 points or more.


Targeted drilling, homework assignments, and study plans

Flexible payment plans through Affirm

Access to instructor for any questions outside of sessions (additional fees may apply)

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I wanted to let you know that [the course] really helped me and I am already seeing huge improvements in my work on logic games. 


I was doing a selection game tonight with a lot of weird conditional logic and after completing the questions myself I decided to watch [a] video on it because I was worried I did it wrong. The video got to one of the last questions and the guy said "This is a very tough question because the inference you must make is not obvious and most don't see it." I then realized I had already made that specific inference and gotten the question right without any help! I absolutely would not be seeing this much improvement on the games if I hadn't taken your course and I want to thank you for all of your help. 


I think the set up of the course was awesome and the order you presented the concepts made a lot of sense to me. I also really appreciated the amount of practice problems you gave us. Your course really just made my understanding of logic games skyrocket and I want to thank you for putting the time and effort into such a great course. 

-Celia B.

Impetus LSAT Student


150    170


"Cho really helped me with logic games. I went from finishing 1-2 games to finishing the entire section in time"

Arielle A.

20 Point Improvement

Course Schedule

  • 16+ hours of live instruction over the course of 8 weeks

  • Every Saturday (starting 2/17, ending 4/6)

  • 2-hours per session each week

*Free recordings available for missed sessions

The Course will Cover the following topics:

  • How the LSAT works

  • How to Study for Logic Games

  • Diagramming

  • Conditional Reasoning

  • Question Strategies

  • How to Tackle Sequencing, Grouping, and Selection Games

  • Introduction to Hybrid Games

  • And more!

pricing options

Live Online Course Only (50% Discount)

$480 ($280 with discount)

Pay as low as $33 per month with Affirm


1.  When will we be meeting for class?

Answer: Sessions will be every Saturday starting 2/17 at 9am PST/10am MT/11am CST/12pm EST. All class sessions are for 2 hours.

2. How do sessions work?

Answer: Sessions are conducted online through Zoom and are for 2 hours each. During the session, you can use the chat box to message me directly with questions. Sessions will go in depth on strategies with plenty of example questions.

3. What if I don't show up to a class?

Answer: You will have 24/7 access to recordings of each session until the June exam.

4. What is the refund policy?

Answer: You are eligible for a refund up until 48 hours after the date of the first session, no questions asked. After that, refunds are not permitted.

5. Can I split payments into monthly installments?

Answer: You may split payments by selecting the 'Affirm' option at checkout. There may be additional interest charged depending on your credit history and history with Affirm.

6. Can I ask questions during sessions?

Answer: Yes, you may ask questions, but they may not get answered during class. Answers provided outside of class will be provided via email/text

7. Can I purchase private tutoring sessions in addition to a course?

Answer: Yes! Individuals who purchase tutoring in addition to a class will receive a $200 discount on any package option they purchase.

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Sorry, the Logic Games Course is now full

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