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Pay as low as $32.83 per month with Affirm
select the 'Affirm' option at checkout

Terms and Conditions: This payment is intended to reserve a slot in advance. Slots are not guaranteed until payment is made. If the student fails to attend the first scheduled session, there is no penalty. However, if the student continues to miss sessions he/she will need to purchase new hours to reserve additional sessions.


While the tutor(s) at Impetus LSAT strive to help students as much as possible, results are not guaranteed due to several underlying factors that can affect performance, such as learning ability and time spent studying.


Hours purchased expire 365 days after the purchase date, except for the Intensive Tutoring option. If hours remain in the package after a student decides to stop meeting with a tutor, the hours will not be refunded. The only exception is if hours remain due to the tutor missing sessions. In this case, the student will be refunded for the exact number of hours missed by the tutor.

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